Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Texting, Photo shoots, YouTube, Lucifer, FAN EXPO

Here's a giggle for you: I was chatting with my fuck buddy via text message the other day and he said something rather humorous I decided to share on instagram:


That's good stuff!

Had a photo shoot with Gaunted Photography on Sunday. I got to pose with this GORGEOUS mask. Here's a peek for you:

I should have a "Wallpapers" section of my website available soon; a couple shots from ^That shoot^ will be available on it.


My video has been FEATURED on youtube! YAY! I don't even really know what that means... but my guess is it's a good thing
They decided to feature this one:

and after my second video reached 1000 views... I threw this little vlog together for you:


I have the cutest cat in all the land!

Snuggling up with him is one of my favorite things in the whole world. But seriously, I could spend HOURS just laying in bed with him... makes it so hard to get ANYTHING done

FAN EXPO IS THIS WEEKEND! That's right folks. I'll be attending Toronto's FanExpo with the G33KPRON girls! If you're there, be sure to swing by and send me a hello

That's all for this blog :P

More on fan expo in my next one

xoxo - Vera

Saturday, 11 August 2012

YAY New Photos, New Video, ExtraLunchMoney

Vera Baby Ego Assassin Latex
Photography: BoldDaniel || Model: VeraBaby || Latex: Ego Assassin
YAY NEW PICTURES! Latex in the Freight Elevator is now published on Zivity!!!

Hope you guys enjoy it.

The entire set is now on Zivity, there are 17 images published and 24 outtakes! Voters can get the outtakes, so be sure to join if you're not a member and vote if you are!

This set was shot shortly before I colored my hair red and I'm very excited for it to go up as it's been a while since I've been on Zivity.

Zivity is a website that I have been on since I first started modeling and it's a community of wonderful people I'm absolutely in love with!

I have 24 different photo-sets posted on Zivity and many more to come soon

^Click Banner To Visit Zivity^


Was tired and hyper when I made this one, so please excuse the annoying that is me! My next YouTube will be posted on the 16th of August. If this video hits 2000 views though first, I'll post it earlier.

Please remember to "Like" "Subscribe" and "Comment" on my YouTube, this keeps me active on the website. I lost my old account so now I've gotta beg for these things to get my channel back to what it used to be :( Sad life, I know

Yea... like I said... annoying :P



My account with has officially been approved and you will be seeing photosets, videos and more from me there shortly. - Join at this link please: Click To View Website

I already have one set posted and available to you. Here's a teaser Image

Geek Face - Photography: Queen of Salvation


Aside from all that hoopla,

my life is boring... just spent 3 hours eating snacks and talking filthy with some of my MGF lovers.

actually, that's not boring... it's hella fun :P

plastered Zivity with messages and now I'm thinking of maybe making my phone available...

Here's my thing, I like talking on the phone with you guys. But I can't dirty talk on the phone... lol... I get terrified and wanna hang up. I don't know why... it makes me nervous... just not my thing I guess. However, I'm more than happy to engage in casual conversation. Do you guys think I should turn the phone on?

Sorry this blog is just filled with photosets, videos and all that... my next blog will be empty and lame I promise! lol


Sunday, 5 August 2012

New Stuff Coming

I've had such a great week!

Celebrated my birthday, which was WONDERFUL, painted my apartment, then yesterday I went up to a cottage with some friends. Got fuckin drunk which was followed by fuckin sick. Starting to feel better now though

I'll be back on MyFreeCams tomorrow. I'm excited to get back online hanging out with everyone. I miss you guys!

Got some new goodies coming soon too. I've made myself an account with the website ExtraLunchMoney ... I'll be using it to post some photo-sets, videos and such until the members side of my website is ready. Don't join yet! I'll have a link for you... lol... Just gotta get my account approved first :)

In addition, I'm back to being an active zivity model and will be uploading NEW PICTURES soon. The next set I'll be posting was shot before I colored my hair red, so it's an older set but a good one that is exclusive to zivity. Here's a teaser for you:

Latex in The Freight Elevator - Photography: BoldDaniel - Model: VeraBaby

I'm not sure when the set will go up yet... I'm waiting to get some more votes on my last set I shot there MetalHEAD:

MetalHEAD - Self Photography VeraBaby

So... GO VOTE!! :P - If you're not a zivity member and would like a free trial to the website, just throw me your email and I will send you one.



Don't forget about the new YouTube guys! Subscribe, Like, Comment, Help get my YouTube back to what it used to be. I still can't believe I deleted the old one.