Friday, 28 June 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog Cosplay

Doing sonic the Hedgehog Cosplay! FUCKIN RIGHT!!!

Anyways, serious mental dilemma about my costume... Should I color my hair blue and do a braided/fake mohawk or buy a long girly blue wig? I feel like the Hawk would bring so much more to the look, but do I want to bleach all my hair? ... twice?? ... Because I'll def want it back to red after. Might be worth it though as I'll have prints and such, then I can keep the blue for a limited time? AHHH I DON'T KNOW

only with blue hair - I'm WAY into this one

with blue hair and fake shave

with blue hair and fake shave
HELP! I need your thoughts, Comment below please thanks <3

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Snow White and a Tattoo

Three great things happened so far this month.

1. Had an amazing Snow White shoot
2. got my tattoo touched up
3. Northern Ink Exposure convention

1. Shot with Artifice and Jeff Hui again. Love working with them, but I feel this in particular was an experience. Something about the opportunity to be a Disney princess really makes a girl giddy. Got the first Image back too! here it is:

Click & View Larger

I'll be posting these on my DeviantArt as I get them to share :D Very possible that we will be shooting more stuff along these lines in the future ;)

2. On Sunday June 9th Nick Chaboya flew in from Cali to see me. On the Monday I met with him at Good Point Tattoo and he darkened up my sleeve. It's looking great and healing so beautifully.

Feeling so happy with it. Last time around I had an issue with the healing process. At some point during my night of rest my arm got stuck to a blanket and I ended up pulling a big ass chunk of the fresh tattoo out. Was pretty depressing. But that's over now, all darkened up and looking good.

3. Northern Ink Exposure was this past weekend. It was originally in the plans that I would be getting a tattoo from Nikko Hurtado but plans got all screwy. He didn't realize he had a seminar on the same day that he booked with me :( shitty buzz. But all is well, there will be other opportunities to meet with him and get started I'm sure :) I did however get to chill back and watch him work on the Saturday. This guy is my hero let me tell you, his work is flawless, absolutely jaw dropping.

I could have sat there and watched him do the entire tattoo. I'm super bummed I didn't get my tattoo started though. Watching was just a little bit of torture.

new iPhone case - gift from Nikko <3

In addition to this, I was a VIP at the NIX with CAAC. lol, yea, I love the CAAC! Brought in some prints, and Gaunted had 2 of his works up in the display. Both of me *flattered*

Made a sale to :) Congrats Gaunted!

I look like such a loser in this pic :P
NIX was a good time! I didn't go out and party afterwards this time around though. I was pretty exhausted and wanted to sign on cam. I did, but only for short amount of time, I was super dead.

Now, today, I'm laying in bed typing out this blog while I be a little baby. I saw my personal trainer for my assessment on Monday and she killed me. I have spent up to 2 hours at the gym and never have I felt as shit as I do after spending less than an hour with her. I was supposed to do every Monday and Wednesday, but I had it switched to Monday and Thursdays. Thinking I'm gunna need the extra day to recover. Not looking forward to getting out of bed, but it's about time now. 4:00PM... ummm, yes I think so.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Back in action with Artifice and Jeff Hui

Yup Yup, had another shoot with Artifice Clothing and Jeff Hui. We just can't get enough of each other you see, it's true love! <3

Here's some goodies from last time:

I've still got some more from last time to share with you, if you don't want to wait to see though, just go browse around on and you'll find it ;)

What about today you ask? BIG THINGS TODAY

haha, the little girl in me giggles and jumps around to tell you that I got to be Snow White today.

Here's a Behind The Scenes peek for you:

You can view more behind the scenes from this shoot in my instagram: @verababylive

also shot some more of the red lace

and an epic nurse I decided not to let you peek at :P Sometimes I like to make you wait ;)

Before this journal is complete however, I would like to say a BIG thank you thank you thank you to my minion bitch lover cupcake Stevie for buying me the Snow White costume immediately after my photoshoot. I was so incredibly in love, and Stevie has serious knowledge on "How To Sweep A Vera Off Her Feet"

So, BIG HUGS and kisses to Stevie, thank you babe! You have so many goodies to look forward to you have no idea <3

So all in all, today was pretty incredible. Ended my day with a quick stop in my chatroom wearing this nonsense:

which was fun.

I'm smiling ear to ear right now. Such a good day <3

Can't wait for my next shoot

Coming next... Tattoo madness with Nick Chaboya

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Goodnight guys