Friday, 9 November 2012

I have very little interest in overly flirty men

I don't mind flirting. I love to flirt

However, I'm so sick and tired of dull men who only know how to say sexual things.

If you can't take your mind out of the gutter for 10 minutes my mind will never be in the gutter. It will be screaming at me to tell you off

It sucks when I meet someone who seems truly interesting but then all he has to say are sexual things. Or he sits there and compliments me the whole time.

Your conversation has no substance! I appreciate the flattery, but this shit gets really stale

It's even worse when I actually attempt to make conversation that has potential and he responds with something like "you look so sexy right now"

Thanks but no thanks


  1. In the defense of the disappointing conversationalists, you are... well, not exactly of an average level of attractiveness. A lot of people are not used to extreme beauty in everyday life.

    Though I do understand the sentiment. Actual conversation is far more engaging than unending come-ons.

    1. You're very sweet. However, I am an average girl. Photographers just do a really good job at making me look good :P

      And yea, that's really all it is. I am more than happy to take a compliment and I appreciate it always... but if that's all the dude has to say I get a bit put off. I even try to make conversation sometimes, say something with substance and all they do is start talking dirty. That tell me this person is only interested in one thing, or too slow to realize I'm actually interested in getting to know them


    2. Don't sell yourself short! You ARE fucking stunning - however, that doesn't mean that every person in your vicinity should be reduced to a blubbering fool :( I'm sorry your conversations haven't been fruitful, next time I see you at an event / around town I will say hello (I'm not a man, but I think the sentiment counts) :)

    3. A hello would be lovely, and perhaps we can talk about a book, tv, zombies or something that doesn't involve sex and beauty. lol. My head hurts from it.

    4. haha "a blubbering fool"! that's EXACTLY how I felt at fanexpo when we were hanging out. haha too funny. I blame it on the clown outfit. Clowns scare me.

  2. Hmm I'll have to disagree with ya on that one vera, you're pretty damn stunning although you do have some awesome photographers :P

  3. A lot of guys simply have no idea HOW to talk to women I'm afraid. Oh and in terms of your 'looks' I completely agree with what's been said, so.. enough with the compliments already, what do YOU wanna talk about then VB?

  4. If I were talking to someone as beautiful as you I would be overwhelmed, probably having difficulties; but I understand what you mean, there has to be some kind of depth of conversation for the relationship to have any meaning, and I'm not fond of purely superficial banter.