Sunday, 25 November 2012


So, what do you think?

Yea, no I didn't. Been there, done that, got really depressed and purchased extensions. However, I wish when I did shave it, my hair wasn't as short as it was last time... Also, perhaps if I shaved less of the side instead of the entire side it would have suited me more [view real shaved head, old pic]

So basically, I tried a new hairstyle which is a "faux shave" - I've simply got my hair back in an elastic and it gives me that shaved head look that I absolutely ADORE. It's not as great as the real thing but it feeds my hunger for the cut without any sacrifice.

Oh man that sounds so PUSSY! "without any sacrifice"

Where did I leave my guts?

Now I feel old!

Fuck it! I'm gunna go shave my head now


P.S.   Been a while, but I decided to sign into my GodsGirls account and write a BLOG << click that to read. Missed the GG community


  1. I'm loving your hair, really love the color and look. I wanted to let you know I gave your latest Zivity set much love, and I'm very interested in the incentive offer. I messaged you on Zivity about it, with my email address included if you need it. Thanks, Bella.

    1. Ok great. Thanks babe. Haven't been on zivity in a bit, my bad, been both busy and a little sick. But I should be signing online again tomorrow