Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Photos & New Video

Very excited about my newest video "ADDICTION"

I cannot deny, I love to watch a woman smoke. A personal fetish of mine I thought I would share with you. In this video I enjoy a delicious cigar and a bottle of rum. I love that calming and tingling sensation through my body. This video is non-nude and very sexy. Mostly focused on lips, breasts and eyes.

You can view the teaser video, and download the full length HD video at This Link

Also have a brand new photo-set. Another non-nude one "Incredible"

21 glamor style photos shot by Gaunted. Fishnet, Legs, Feet, Cleavage, Ass DONE! :P


I've been very much into video these days it seems. So, to top all of this off I have a new opportunity for you guys. I usually ask a minimum of $300 for a custom video. The reason for this is because it takes a LOT of time and effort. I put a lot of work into videos, I do not treat this process like regular simple camming. If you could see the behind the scenes you would wonder why I don't charge more. I know this is frustrating for a lot of you who want custom videos so, because of my current excitement over videos I have a new offer on ELM.

You can now get a CUSTOM HD VIDEO from me. Help to design my next video for 135 ELM Credits. Also, this is a limited time offer. I don't always get the time to do this sort of thing for this sort of price so grab it while it's hot. When my time for this expires I will be removing the offer from ELM, or when 3 people request a video... whichever comes first.


So yea, exciting new stuff. Hope you guys are happy, and if you're not... something better to make you smile. I should have news on the making of my Membersite very soon :)

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