Friday, 27 July 2012

I Could Cry!

OMG! I can't believe this! I'm so upset I could cry right now. I accidentally deleted my YouTube account! I'm SUCH A FUCKING DUMBASS

Thousands of views... Hundreds of subscribers... VIDEO CONTENT... And it's lost... for good... GONE!

I finally got my AdSense up and going, got my first little bit of income from YouTube...

I can't believe this shit!

What do I do? Do I start again? ... I had that thing up for  just over a year I think, and it was just starting to get mad attention!

I was trying to delete an old blog account I made when I first became a model... but apparently that is what was attached to my YouTube and I didn't even know! WHY GOOGLE? WHY?

Do they not give you the option to shut down specific sections of an account? Or is it once you have your google, everything is one package and you're fucked?


So much work gone. GONE!

I can't even view the old stuff and try and download it from the net to put it back

I go to the page and this is what I get:




I don't even know


  1. oh them, it might still be savable from their servers

    1. Can't really call them. They have forums and such, but I did some looking and once you delete it you can't get it back

  2. hmmm... that messed up. considering they should have backups of those servers. try and try again.

    1. I'm going to. But I also think I'm going to try and not get too worked up… maybe a fresh start is a good thing