Friday, 27 July 2012

Set Up My Blog!

Ok... I did It!!!

Decided to do my blog with blogspot ... or blogger... I'm not sure if those are the same thing... I just know it's
Anyways, my blog is now interactive. You guys can read it free and comment

I'm very happy :)

So I'm still figuring a lot out about web design. I think I'll be able to learn in a much more comfortable way than I was in school. Can do it on my own time without being rushed, I'll retain more information.

It's very confusing though; there's so much stuff to figure out.

I have to get a content management system and a way to have members and a store and... so many things... Good thing I know where to begin or I would be so lost.

Actually... I still feel lost

Any Advice? 


  1. AHH! :D wooot! Im excited for your blogggg! ^-^ Ive been meaning to start my own, but yeah, its so confusing! :X

    1. Just start one. Things get less confusing as you go along.

  2. Can't provide advice, but i can say... Good for you doll. I have faith that you can get everything done just as you wish. Much Love

  3. congratz on the blog, your an adaptable girl, you can do this shit in a handstand =P

    1. Thanks babe. I'm excited about it, but I know it's going to take time too