Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bigger The Hair

A very short while ago I had the pleasure of shooting with the very lovely Steve Prue for both Zivity and


Bigger The Hair


Nearly destroyed my hair I was so happy to be shooting. Actually lost a few extensions showering this out. Hahaha! Totally worth it!

For those who don't know, Steve has been at the top of my photographer wishlist since I started modeling. And the two of us have been trying to shoot for a while, but something always got in our bloody way! 

Well now you can see our first set: Bigger The Hair... published on zivity. It's a shower set and you all know how much I LOVE showing off in the shower

Working with Steve was an awesome time and a very comfortable experience. You will for sure be able to see that in the set, but most definitely in the vote incentives we have available ;)

I tapped into my wild side and showed the camera a little more than my zivity fans are used to seeing :P So for those who have votes, this is a great day to use them! And those who are not yet on the site, let me know because I have free trial invites for you. (Send me your email and get your free invite)

10 votes - Receive the full high-res published set
20 votes - Full published set and 4 WAY TOO HOT FOR ZIVITY bonus images
25 votes - Full published set and 11 WAY TOO HOT FOR ZIVITY bonus images

CHECK OUT "BIGGER THE HAIR..." AT THIS LINK and be prepared because we have more in store for you ;) - I'll be unleashing my inner rock demon in our next set

Thanks so much to everyone supporting my naked adventures!



  1. I'm going to have to check that out. Love your work and love his work.

    1. Thanks babe. We have some other stuff that will come out later too :)