Tuesday, 31 July 2012




Vera Baby Clown
^ Picture of me last year celebrating ^

^Above 3 Pictures of me celebrating today^

I Turn 83 Today! YAY!
Look pretty darn good for my age yea?

I have this tradition where I dress up like a clown for my birthday. Clown is a bit of an obsession of mine. This is something you will see more and more and more of in the future

Can't wait for the members area of my website to be published and share my clown photo-sets :P


I would consider it an awesome birthday present if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel, thumbs up my new video and leave a lovely comment :P

Would make my day :)

Also if you could wish on a star that I become a millionaire over night... that would be great too!


Later today my roomie Elara is throwing me a "surprise" birthday party. hahaha! She's the cutest thing ever... she told me about it because she wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get mad and to see if I would want one.

I've been teasing her about it for days
"Why would you spoil it?"
"I would have been so stoked if you didn't tell me"


I'm just about as bad at surprising people as she is though :P
She often reminds me of myself and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy
I get super excited to surprise people and spoil everything


My friends have been so wonderful to me.
I have 4 texts on my phone right now that I got all at midnight!
Pretty much right when the hands struck 12 o'clock
Had some great car sex with a very good friend the other day too ;)
Also, a bundle of MFC tips from some of the most amazing lovers on the net

Days like today I feel so lucky to have the people in my life that I do


So... I guess I should rest up for tomorrow
I'm going to have to have a lot of energy to act surprised...
Especially considering everyone knows I already know...
Serious convincing I have to do
Tough Day!

:D :D :D

Hope your August 1st is just as pleasant as mine!

Wherever in the world you are right now... take a shot for me!
If you don't drink... masturbate!


Friday, 27 July 2012

Gunna Really Need Your Help Guys!

Dear Lovers:

I really need your help with this project!

I'm upset about the loss but I'm moving forward and being optimistic

I've created a new channel with the hope that my old subscribers will try and find me, and new subscribers wont get to see what a dork I am... hahah... until I upload more of course

In order to get the channel back to what it was I need your likes, comments, subscriptions and interaction! Without you guys the channel goes nowhere

Without your help I wont be uploading videos anymore... probably because I'd feel lonely and not wanna talk to the wall... lol... but I'm sure you guys understand

Comments are the most important! Very Very much appreciated guys.

I really hope I can get my channel back to what it used to be

Thanks so much guys for putting up with me today

Here's the new channel:



MODELS!! Now that I have this blog up... and as always with the youtube, I am happy to trade links and promote eachother. Just send me your links for review and we can promote eachother. This is however something I am hoping to do with other Alt girls as the audience just fits with eachother

BLOGGERS!! You too! I'm happy to promote your blogs so long as our audience is the same or similar

If you guys want to trade links and promote eachother, just comment on my blog below with your blog... or comment on my Youtube with your channel!

I Could Cry!

OMG! I can't believe this! I'm so upset I could cry right now. I accidentally deleted my YouTube account! I'm SUCH A FUCKING DUMBASS

Thousands of views... Hundreds of subscribers... VIDEO CONTENT... And it's lost... for good... GONE!

I finally got my AdSense up and going, got my first little bit of income from YouTube...

I can't believe this shit!

What do I do? Do I start again? ... I had that thing up for  just over a year I think, and it was just starting to get mad attention!

I was trying to delete an old blog account I made when I first became a model... but apparently that is what was attached to my YouTube and I didn't even know! WHY GOOGLE? WHY?

Do they not give you the option to shut down specific sections of an account? Or is it once you have your google, everything is one package and you're fucked?


So much work gone. GONE!

I can't even view the old stuff and try and download it from the net to put it back

I go to the page and this is what I get:




I don't even know

Set Up My Blog!

Ok... I did It!!!

Decided to do my blog with blogspot ... or blogger... I'm not sure if those are the same thing... I just know it's blogger.com
Anyways, my blog is now interactive. You guys can read it free and comment

I'm very happy :)

So I'm still figuring a lot out about web design. I think I'll be able to learn in a much more comfortable way than I was in school. Can do it on my own time without being rushed, I'll retain more information.

It's very confusing though; there's so much stuff to figure out.

I have to get a content management system and a way to have members and a store and... so many things... Good thing I know where to begin or I would be so lost.

Actually... I still feel lost

Any Advice?