Monday, 29 April 2013

the month is coming to an end... Top 100, April 2013

This month has been so lovely.

I've been so crazy happy hanging out with my MFC family, so many awesome moments, funny conversations, a month filled with smiles. Made some time for some photo-shoots this month too, we have some great stuff to come.

Today, I feel tired. I slept in through my entire shift... so bad! Can't believe I did that but, the month of non-stop GO GO GO has really caught up to me. As much as this month has been fun, it's also been a lot of work and stress.

Tomorrow, well...


Last day of April and our last day to secure our spot in top 100. We are #93 right now so we're cutting it close.

Tomorrow will likely depend on the power of Team Vera!!! lol, my hope is to lean on you guys first. If not, it's going to be a struggle to the finish, but I'm still going to push for it either way.

Last time I did top 100... In February I got this epic picture

It's been my desktop picture for a while, motivating me. SO MANY HEARTS <3 I can't even believe how crazy. If I count correctly there are 39 hearts in that image. Right now we have 22 hearts on our wall... think we can beat it for this months picture?

Hearts this month are SO much more colorful :P I love it!

So, tonight I'm going to rest. Cuddle with Lucifer and hope to goodness that we don't drop from top 100 while I sleep. Then, tomorrow, the BIG BIG BIG day, I will sign online from 5:00PM - 3:30AM and see how high we can climb, or if we can just maintain... I have no idea how crazy tomorrow will be.

I NEED YOU TEAM VERA! Come see me tomorrow! Offline tips tonight will help keep us in the game, and any sort of contribution you can make tomorrow would be so appreciated.

The best help of all would be if you can get on our chalkboard, also then you can win a special gift in the mail. CHECK THE CHALKBOARD HERE

Time for me to relax and try to clear my mind. Tomorrow is a big day!

See you then


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