Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Update

So, we did it! #78 for April 2013! Thanks so much to everyone who helped.

So, this blog is to update you on my current status.

I'm with family, spending the night at my parents place right now. I'll be home tomorrow to take care of things I had to neglect during our top 100 month. Got a lot to catch up on

I'll be back on MFC either Saturday or Sunday. Can't tell you just what day yet, but I should be able to post some schedule Friday morning :)

For those that won a chalkboard prize, please send me a mail on MFC with your address so I can package and ship your goodies a.s.a.p

Occult, keep your eyes peeled, I'll be posting the available limited edition posters in the occult shortly.

For those of you who sent me MFC mail and are waiting on response, I don't currently have a computer. I'm writing this blog on my phone, lol. Please be patient, I will respond when I get home.

If you have any other questions, please comment on this blog. I will be mainly checking back here on my phone. I won't be checking twitter as I'm with family and don't want to be tweeting all day.

See you guys shortly :) And thank you again for an amazing month!



  1. Go TeamVera! Can't wait to hang out with our little group agin this weekend! Have fun with your family.