Saturday, 25 May 2013

4:30AM - Brooklyn New York

It's 4:30AM. I'm in Brooklyn NY at the Holiday Inn with Krysta Kaos sleeping next to me. Today has been crazy and as tired as I am... I'm not ready for sleep.

Yesterday was SO great. Met up with Christian Saint for an AWESOME shoot. My world = Rocked. I cannot put into words the amazing that is Christian Saint. After leaving studio, we had a wicked sick collaboration creative KABOOM -insert more confusing words here- shoot when we got back

Harlow doing Krysta's makeup - Christian Saint's studio

Jonathan Goldberg

This entire trip was MADE by yesterday... however... right now...

I'm experiencing a combination of happiness and frustration.

On one hand I'm having the best time with Krysta. This woman is hands down the best chick I have met in a long time. Super chill, and a very similar attitude towards life as myself. There is such a great vibe between us, I am super lucky to be hanging with her

On the other hand.. things didn't go as planned today. We experienced a hiccup that cancelled our first shoot today, and from there it was a domino effect that crashed out our other shoot plans. It was a mega bummer but from what I'm hearing this is what happens when you travel. *shrugs*

This is a first time in Brooklyn for both of us, and a first time traveling out of Canada EVER for me so I guess something was bound to go wrong. :P I think more than anything I've learned not to rely on wifi and just pay the roaming fees phone companies fuck you with. If we had gotten our emails today it would have been better I think.

It's all good though, we figured it out.

Met up with Christian Saint again this morning to finish up some stuff, then he recommended a fucking KICK ASS 5PM breakfast for us at a little place called "egg"

Mimosa's with breakfast
Food was delicious and the mimosa's kicked my ass. Yumm Yumm Yumm.  - Thank you Christian - Then we booked a hotel with a jacuzzi for some party time. Stopped in at a bar for drink of choice and tequila shots. Needless to say it was a fun time

Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe
Something about writing shit down... makes everything better. :P When I started this blog I was thinking about the frustration of the beginning of the day, now I'm smiling at the last picture I just posted. Krysta Krysta <3 I love you momma!!!

This has been a great trip, and nothing can take away the memories. I'm going to sleep. I have more New York adventure ahead of me tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my words! :P


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