Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Top 50 Progress

Soooo... As you guys know I'm working my butt off to my birthday goal. If you don't know, I wrote about my birthday goal here.

Now what I didn't tell you is I have big plans to fix my teeth as a birthday present to myself. Yes, Indeed. Since I was a kid I always wanted braces, but my family couldn't afford them. Additionally, my 4 front teeth are fake from an accident I had when I was younger. Rollerblading! Fucked me up bad. Anyways, I've needed crowns on my teeth forever to keep them protected but haven't been able to pay for them. So, I have to be careful or they break and then I have to pay for that. lol... ANYWAYS... Hopefully, not anymore because if we reach goal I will be able to get my teeth fixed and never have to deal with this bullshit and insecurity again. I've been waiting for this since I was 12!

So, at one point I was completely upset, crying and just felt like shit because I thought I had lost all chances at top 50. But I worked my ass off and was VERY LUCKY to have some AMAZING new people help out. In one night we climbed from #95-#64. It was amazing!!! I was smiling and laughing and when I went to bed I was dreaming of MFC

Now, I've been spending the last 3 nights since trying to break #65. I'm #60 right now officially since last night. WOOT WOOT! Better news? I woke up still #60 this morning! DIDN'T DROP, not even one spot! I'm so damn happy about that

Anyways, there is so much hope in my heart for this!

I really need you guys though. I need #TeamVera. If we can get top 50 tomorrow then we might actually have a chance at keeping it before the month end! I'm both nervous and excited and grateful for you guys! Crazy mix of butterflies in my tummy.

July 24th, day started out pretty bad... upset because my roomie is moving out... then I signed onto MFC and we rose to #60, so good!!! Do you guys think we can get #50 tonight?

Here's crossing my fingers with serious hope in my heart.

I LOVE YOU! And thank you for getting me this far, even if I fail, I may not get my birthday wish of getting my teeth fixed and reaching highest rank I ever have. But I will be forever thankful to how crazy amazing you guys are and everything you've done for me this month!


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