Thursday, 8 August 2013

Happy Vee

So, I believe it's time for an update.

Gunna make this one quick because I've gotta get ready for MFC starting... well now. lol

So, I got my birthday wish. Top 50 on MFC! Even better, #TeamVera finished at #46. It was a crazy month and I am so grateful for everyone who contributed. I was sent so much love and I'm still feeling it now. My birthday show was incredible fun too and I just can't believe how wonderful everyone was to me.

Take a look at this heart wall:

Sticking my dick in it! FUCKING LOVE MY HEART WALL

That shit is for certain a record. I have never seen so much love in my chatroom as I did in July. Thank You Thank You a THOUSAND Thank You's!

Here's a little peek at the show I did to celebrate my birthday. Every year for the past 3 birthdays I have celebrated dressed as a clown. Clowning around will forever be my favorite costume <3

More photos from this to be added to August Occult

Yup, that's me covered in cupcake
More photos from this to be added to August Occult

Check out The Occult here.

So, July is over. On my birthday after the big show I saw Despicable Me with my very good friend Gaunted, the movie was fucking adorable. Thanks for the great Birthday date babe! Then I went horseback riding with my family. My parents and baby sister bought me a Loki Hot Toys figure. I couldn't believe the gift I was freaking out hardcore when I opened it.


So fucking excited about him!

Now that the birthday festivities are done I have big plans for August. Going to do some reading, painting, and buckle down on my website.

Thats right guys! Fucking website!!! That means I will have a launch date for you soon so keep your eyes on my twitter

okie doke... so that's my update. :P Now time for me to go throw a Poison Ivy costume on and play with my makeup before I sign on MFC.

Thanks for reading lovers. Please feel free to comment on this blog below


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