Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mary Jane - FanExpo day 1

It appears that my Mary Jane has been a GREAT success.

With all of the love that    has received my amazing photographer Gaunted decided to post a second image for you.

Go throw it some love: 

Jackpot by *Gaunted  <<<<CLICKY CLICKY


Soooo.... yes, on Thursday I was running around FanExpo Toronto in my Mary Jane cosplay. For those who have asked, my top was made by the LOVELY Adala Clothing I am so happy to see the amazing response Mary got, especially considering this was my casual costume of the weekend.

Thursday was so much more than I expected and it really set the mood for the rest of the weekend. So many AMAZING individuals came to visit me at my booth, I am so flattered and grateful to you guys!

Running around away from my booth was a lot of fun too, but speaking of that, I do apologize to those who went to visit me while I was away and missed me. Once I got out there and took a picture with one person, it kept going until I had to cut people off "GUYS, I GOTTA RUN, COME VISIT MY BOOTH IN ARTISTS ALLEY" lol

Also so happy I had such a great booth buddy. :icongaunted: really made my weekend even better which I wouldn't have known was possible without him. His No Laughing Matter print got quite the storm of WOW's too. If you haven't seen it yet, go throw him some love:

We have been looking into the possibility of other conventions, it was just so much fun we can't get enough. It's all we have been chatting about.

Do you have a favorite convention you would like to suggest I attend? Comment below and direct my attention.

I'll be writing about Friday's Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay in my next journal entry



  1. have you thought about the 1 day con in Hamilton, hammer town comiccon

  2. Wizard World New Orleans, early February

  3. I agree with Core, Wizard World New Oreleans in February, or Wizard World Austin in November. Be sure to bring Gaunted and Sito if they want to come ^^ <3

  4. Core and Tiki... taking note ;)

  5. 2 more for new orleans from ashley and blake

  6. oh BOOM! I guess I'm going to have to highlight that one on the list to check out then :) I'll let you guys know ;)

  7. yeah bring guanted to new orleans, id like to meet him too

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  9. New York is looking VERY likely, will post in the NEWS section once it's confirmed. Will look into New Orleans depending on how well New York goes

    1. Yay, New Yorkers, y'all better be awesome. The south is counting on you!