Saturday, 17 August 2013

No MFC tonight, and now I am SCREWED!

I was just about to get ready for MyFreeCams when I realized "HOLY HELL, I'm so disorganized, FanExpo is on THURSDAY"

I've got crap to do that I neglected. I was going to put it off until last minute and then I realized. THIS IS LAST MINUTE OMG! I have plans for a shoot with Gaunted tomorrow, extra long session with the trainer and plans with my family on Monday then I planned for Canada's Wonderland on Wednesday with sideshowsito.

I can't believe how scatterbrain I am sometimes.

I still have to color my hair in time for the Sonic Cosplay. Hopefully I can get a hair appointment on Tuesday. (crossing my fingers that I will have time this day to both shop for my last minute costume items and sign on MFC)

Lovely little me hasn't even earned enough on MFC to cover my rent yet. That being said, I desperately need offline tips. If there's anything you guys want, skype dates, photos, videos, please just let me know as I wont be able to sign on MFC until Monday the 26th. (or hopefully this Tuesday)

Extra Sad because I think Mr. Navarro is going to be in town on Tuesday... so I wont be able to see him :( I miss him.

Anyways, guys please let me know if there is anything I can do for offline tips. I am royally screwed.

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